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"Looking at performance data is a complete waste of time, unless it informs and improves teaching, having a positive impact on learning outcomes."
Steve Howse, CEO

Our Schools say...

I honestly don't think I've ever been involved with something that has so quickly become such an effective and integrated part of our everyday practice. We now have a much clearer picture of student progress and staff are far more receptive to data.

Claire Armitstead

Rhyl High School

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Helping Trust Management Teams to See the Bigger Picture

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Transition Matrix Toolkit 2022

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Keep all data securely and remove test results inline with Government guidance. 

OUR VISION  - CEO Stephen Howse outlines the vision for SMID in 2022 and beyond.

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At SMID our vision is simple - spending time on data is only worthwhile if we use it to genuinely improve teaching and learning. We've come a long way...

In 2022, clever use of data affords us tremendous opportunities to positively influence student outcomes. As ever, staff workload dictates that our approach to data is shaped with teacher wellbeing in mind. Simplicity, efficacy and usability are our guiding principles. SMID has evolved to reflect the very best practice in education data; encouraging collaboration and sustainable teacher development. Our commitment to the schools we partner with ensures they enjoy data as a seamless process - a process delivering clarity and consistency.

Stephen Howse - CEO

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