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The SMID Report has been designed to enable schools to track the performance of all students throughout their time in school. This ability to easily identify performance patterns at multiple levels allows schools to make rapid strategic decisions that genuinely have an impact on outcomes. This is just one of the many reasons the SMID Report has become the fastest growing education data system in the UK.

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Our Trust Overview feature takes all the benefits of SMID and delivers them at Trust level. Management teams are identifying strengths and weaknesses across academies – making truly informed strategic decisions about sharing expertise and support.

A working example of this can been seen in a deprived area where the Trust identified particular hotspot of over-achievement among disadvantaged students. This prompted further inquiry; resulting in targeted support from a group of exceptional teachers across other schools in the Trust, having immediate impact. Collaboration has always been a key word at SMID – the new Trust Overview takes this to another level.

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