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The new SMID platform for primary schools allows schools to create their own dashboards to analyse any data they need. We have created a highly flexible system that enables all primary schools to develop their own bespoke system that meets the needs of their students. Having this flexibility when analysing data means that schools are better able to support students, engage teachers with data and report to governors. 


Customisable Data Analysis

Is the current data platform you are using tailor made for your schools needs? With all primary schools creating their own data structures, a platform that is flexible is essential. 

Here at SMID, we have created a fully customisable platform that allows primary schools to build their own score systems, aspects and dashboards to enable bespoke data analysis. 

We find that a system can only have impact within a school if it works to support the schools direct needs. Being highly specific, the SMID platform enables primary schools to design concise dashboards that can be used by teachers, support assistants and governors. 

Demonstration and consultancy

At SMID, we can take you through the platform and demonstrate how to create dashboards that are individual to your school. 

Our support team are always happy to set up dashboards and provide webinar training to any member of staff.

Reading Book Together

At SMID, we recognise that schools face a considerable challenge; a challenge that encourages innovative and aspirational responses. We are here to support and aid schools to hone that response. 
Our ethos reflects the theory that, although ‘assessment is intrinsic to curriculum design…it’s overarching purpose is to support every learner to make progress’.

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